Hidayatullah: Your Da’wah Partner in Indonesia

Hidayatullah: Your Da’wah Partner in Indonesia

Established in 1973, the Hidayatullah movement has since focused its education and da’wah works on developing and improving the livelihood of Indonesians in the remotest parts of the country.

By the Grace of Allah, Hidayatullah has grown and become a network of community leaders in 32 provinces of Indonesia. It now has more than 315 schools throughout Indonesia, 190 charity bodies, 6 higher education institutes as well as more than 200 shelters and orphanages that currently care for approximately 20 thousand children.

In the largest Muslim country of the world, Hidayatullah is now among the sixth largest Muslim organizations.

Hidayatullah currently leads and organizes a total of 5,005 trained du’at (callers to Islam) working around the clock. They have become the most important assets of Hidayatullah in its effort to help move the 250 million Indonesians toward the true and best path.

To ensure continuity of this da’wah, Hidayatullah cooperates well with ulama (Muslim scholars), government bodies and  officials, universities, colleges, other organizations, masjids, public figures, etc.

Hidayatullah is well-known as a progressive da’wah organization in terms of opening new da’wah fields in remote areas such as the borders with neighboring countries, the innermost hinterland, and areas where Muslims are the minority.

Hidayatullah movement calls all people to Islam. It promotes a civilization based on the teachings of Al-Quran (the Words of Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of Universe) and Al-Sunnah (the best examples of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). It upholds and follows the teachings of the Sahabas (Companions of the Messenger of Allah) and the ulama who are on the path of the Sunnah and the Sahabas.

Hidayatullah has more than 3,500 teachers educating approximately 31,000 pupils at 315 schools, from kindergartens upward to senior high schools. It continues to develop and fine-tunes its curricula and, since 2012, has created school programs that will hopefully produce more young leaders for the society.


Baitul Maal Hidayatullah (BMH) is a certified national zakat (alms) body under Hidayatullah. Its 190 branch offices focus on supporting victims of natural disasters, poverty alleviation in both urban and rural areas, and assisting victims of conflicts in foreign countries such as Myanmar and Palestine. In 2015, BMH was awarded as “The Best Growth in Fundraising” by the national zakat supervision body.
The onset of the digital era has led to the collapse of many print publications in Indonesia. Making its first appearance in 1988, the Hidayatullah magazine has continued to thrive with 50,000 copies in circulation every month Alhamdulillah.

Its ‘sister’, the portal www.hidayatullah.com, was launched in 1996, one of the earliest Muslim online media in Indonesia. The Hidayatullah Media Group also runs Mitra FM radio in cooperation with other Islamic radio networks, in addition to publishing books, Karima parenting magazine, Al-Qalam weekly newsletter etc.

SAR and Medical Service
Since its first training camp, the Hidayatullah SAR (Search and Rescue) Team has kept to its commitment to provide the earliest possible response in natural and other disasters. It deployed more than 200 volunteers in Aceh following the Tsunami which killed more than 300 thousand people in December 2004. The Team now has a force of 1,600 volunteers in 16 provinces.

Hidayatullah also has a medical service unit, the Islamic Medical Service, which has since 2008 catered to the general public. It also takes part in the Hidayatullah SAR’s early response to disasters in various parts of the country.