Dewan Murabbi Pusat

Dr. Tasyrif Amin, M.Pd.I (Anggota merangkap Ketua)
Ir. Hanifullah (Anggota)
Sholih Hasyim, Sos.I (Anggota)
M. Nur Fuad, M.Pd (Anggota)
Drs. H. Zainuddin Musaddad, MA (Anggota)
H. Naspi Arsyad, Lc (Anggota)

Bob Lawson


Bob has experience in conducting a range of proceedings under the Corporations Act and Bankruptcy Act on behalf of insurers, financial institutions and large corporates.

Craig Edwards


Craig acts for trade credit insurers, multinational and local suppliers, insolvency practitioners, statutory bodies and two tobacco companies.

Max Jacobs

Senior Associate

Max has experience conducting insurance litigation in a range of jurisdictions, including local, state and federal courts and has acted for insurers and financial institutions.