“Palestinians Only Fight for Their Rights, Robbed for 75 Years”

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FOTO: Zionis ‘Israel’ nyatakan telah menghujani Gaza dengan sekitar 6000 bom di target-target Hamas selama enam hari sejak Sabtu, 7 Oktober 2023. Jumlah yang hampir sama dengan jumlah bom yang AS jatuhkan di Afghanistan setahun. (Sumber: Twitter @AnadoluAgency, @QudsN, @sahabatalaqsha)

“Palestinians Only Fight for Their Rights, Robbed for 75 Years”

‘Israeli’ aggression is again taking place in the Gaza Strip, and Palestinians especially the babies are being slaughtered, their houses turned into rubles, and their rights to live fear-free constantly threatened.

The Israel Zionists occupation forces wish to convince the world that the ongoing war was initiated by the Palestinians because they launched the first attack.

This is a blatant disregard of the historical fact that had the British not handed its so-called British Mandate onto the Zionist entity on 14 May 1948, generations of criminals would not have been raised, subjecting the Palestinians to all forms of violence.

This message is a call to the international world to be clear: The aggressors are the Israeli Zionists, the Occupiers, the Robbers of Palestinian lands, the Killers of Children, the Terrorists.

The People of Gaza, who have been forced to merely exist under severe, illegal blockade for the past 17 years, and all Palestinians are only fighting for their rights.

We, Indonesians, look back to our own fight for Independence from the Dutch, when we boldly proclaimed: “We love peace, but we love independence even more.” We believe this is the spirit of the Palestinians today: They would love to have peace, but they would prefer Independence any day.

We do not demand the United Nations, that have shown only abject failures and incompetence over the years to provide protection for Palestinians, much less to take any punitive actions against the Israelis.

Instead we are calling upon the world’s citizens with conscience, to escalate their effort to block the Criminals, and to support the Palestinians’ fight for their rights.

We are calling upon all Muslims to continue their Rabbaniyah and Nabawiyyah tasks, namely to work towards the liberation of Masjidil Aqsa, the City of Baitul Maqdis, and the Palestinian Land.

It is an ongoing Test. May Allah help us pass it successfully.

Jakarta, 27 Rabiul Awwal 1445 / 12 Oktober 2023

Nashirul Haq, President
Candra Kurnianto, General Secretary

Letter No. : 287/28/A28/X/2023

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